Monday, February 24, 2014

Just the Girls

We had the best time this weekend, celebrating our sweet cousin and her upcoming marriage!  We all met up in Santa Fe and just relaxed and enjoyed each others company, told stories, laughed and ate delicious food.  

We had a little in-room snack before heading out to window shop and then on to the restaurant for dinner...

 We ate at a few great places...
...and had the guest of honor wear a tiara and boa for a bit (she was a great sport)!
 We even went to eat at a place where the waiters and waitresses sing.  It was great!

Saturday morning, we had coffee/breakfast on the patio...
While I didn't get pics of our morning at the spa, pedicures or hanging out, we did get to participate in Mass together at the beautiful Cathedral and left Sunday morning with our hearts filled.  

This Spring/Summer is filled with activities celebrating the two next to be married, and it's called for a lot of fun, family get-togethers!  I have a feeling August will roll around, after everything is over, and we'll wonder how it all went by so quickly!


  1. I love these pictures! It sounds like you girls had an absolute blast. The next few months are going to be awesome for your family...weddings and babies and frogs! :)

  2. That cathedral is absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm glad you had such a good weekend with the girls! :)

  3. How fun!!! And these pictures are so beautiful! What great memories!!

  4. The Cathedral is just gorgeous! Last year we celebrated three family weddings between May and September. Even though it involved a lot of work and planning, each one turned out beautiful. You are right though, once they were over it seemed as if the time flew by so fast! Best wishes to the Brides and Grooms and congratulations to the families.

    1. Isn't it beautiful?! Oh my goodness, I thought our two was busy :) You're right - it's so much work, but so worth it, and in the end you wonder what to do with all your new free time! Thanks for the well wishes!!