Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Five Favorites: Winter Essentials

Wednesday's link-up with Hallie again! 

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Britt's Winter essentials
one // North Face Transit Jacket.  This is an updated version of the one I own, but I've owned it for three years, and I don't know that I'll ever buy another winter coat.  Others are cute, but this one keeps me so warm I just can't bear to trade for style!

two // Skinny Jeans.  I have a few pair of skinny jeans, and I love them, especially for winter and tucking into boots!  J Brand is my favorite, long-lasting pair, but any pair will do!

three // Warm Gloves.  These are the best I've found yet.  More expensive than when I bought them a few years back, but maybe still worth it!

four // Smartwool Socks.  My mother-in-law bought a pair of these for me one Christmas, and there is nothing better.  They keep your feet warm without being too bulky, and they're really soft.

five //  Uggs.  I've had the same pair of Uggs for almost 8 years and they don't look it.  I hated them when they first came out, and then I tired a pair on.  They are heavenly for winter, and now I'm not sure I could live without them, ha!

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  1. I've yet to buy a pair of Uggs, but my sister LOVES hers!! And I think they're simply adorable and so cute for the winter. I'm sure I'll give in and buy my own pair in the near future. ;)