Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Favorites: Chicago

This round of favorites with Hallie is centered around my upcoming weekend...

Five Favorites, hosted at

in Chicago!

I am heading to visit my sister and do a little wedding planning, and here are a few favorites I'm looking forward to:

{1} This place to eat.

{2} Dress shopping here.
A Winter Trifecta

{3} A walk down the block to get some of this for the hubs and maybe a little of their new gingerbread flavor for me :).
Snack Size Popcorn Balls

{4} Mani/Pedis all around.  Maybe one of these colors?

{5} And, maybe a little shopping down this avenue...

...and Mass here!
St. Michael in Old Town church building

It should be a great weekend!

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