Wednesday, July 25, 2012

QOTW: 7/25/12

We went to Amarillo last week for appointments and drove through an area with a bunch of stores like Target, Best Buy, etc.  Carter yells, "Look at all dat, Mommy!  LOOK at all dose ABCs!!"

As I mentioned in a previous post, Carter has been sick with strep for over a week.  He hasn't quite been himself.  We don't let the kids watch much TV, but from time to time (especially when I'm trying to clean house), I let him watch a few cartoons, aka cartoonies.  So, the other morning as soon as he woke up and got his milk he said, "Mommy, may I pease watch cartoonies, pease.  Pease.  Pease.  Pease.  Pease.   (Nodding his head).  I am weally sick, Mommy."  Ha!  I let him watch :)

Two nights ago we were saying prayers with Carter.  Actually, this time we were saying them and he was trying to do somersaults off his bed.  When we neared the end, he says the following:
"Pray for Chahlie (Charlie)"  side note: we have mentioned that name a time or two as a consideration for baby #3.
Me: Who is Charlie?
Carter: The baby in Mommy's tummy.
Me: Why do we need to pray for him?
Carter:  He is trying (crying).
Me: Why is he crying?
Carter: He is SO sad!
Me: Why is he sad?
Carter: (shaking, squinting his eyes and, shaking his fists).  HE WANTS OUT!!!

Carter has a baby in his tummy, too.  "Mommy, look!  I have a baby in my tummy, too.  His name Jonah.  Like in the fish."

We finally put in sod this week.  Previously, we had an 8500 sq foot yard of dirt and weeds.  Carter came home to it and said, "What is this????  Ohhh, I LIKE it!  I like grass." 

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  1. Ha....poor desert child has never seen grass! Bless his little heart! Glad he has some now!