Monday, July 9, 2012

Our 4th...

Our 4th of July celebrations were a little different than we had planned this year.  We woke up that morning and Frog (the turtle) looked like this:

With racing stripes set, we knew he was ready to run.

His owner looked like this:

He was really excited to catch candy, eat candy, throw candy (see a theme here??).

Well, as we unloaded from the car for our adventure in the streets of Clayton, C-man decided to throw up in the middle of the street.  Brilliant.  However, when most moms would have loaded them right back up and headed home, this one chose differently.  We were going to let him catch a few sweet treats.  Mom-of-the-year right here. 

Disclaimer:  Carter has always had an extremely sensitive tummy.  His spit up, until he was 10 months old was like most kids' throw up...I don't know how many times we changed his clothes and cleaned up spills daily.  As of late, he's thrown up about once a week for about 4 weeks (DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE'S KID???).  He never acted sick or threw up multiple times.  So I chalked it up to his super acidic stomach acting up.

Well, the 4th of July was a different story.  No fluke acid tummy.  As soon as we got home, it was very apparent that he had a stomach bug...I'll spare you any more details.

But these were the photos we got of our sick child on the fourth.  Important, I know.

And, as for Frog...he was set free.

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  1. Your parents are precious! And of course your patriotic boys as well! Miss you all!