Wednesday, July 18, 2012

QOTW: 7/18/12...

I really haven't witnessed a ton of funny things Carter has said lately.  More and more, he's just saying things/having conversations that I don't expect.  For instance:

When we were going to feed cows the other morning, this was our conversation:
Carter:  I want to see some antelopes!
There's one! (pointing to nothing).
Oh, just a wain gauge.
Then Jeremy and I pointed out two different groups which he pretended not to see.
Carter: There's one!  I see it!  Way over der! 
(Again, there was nothing)
Carter:  See, I found it! 
He obviously wasn't too interested in seeing "antelopes" unless he saw them first.

I guess it had been one of those days when Peter needed more care than Carter.  At the end of the day, Carter was taking a bath, and I went to get Peter to get in with him.  Before I left to get him, Carter says, "NO!  I do not like Peter.  He stays out there."
He quickly got over not liking him.

A conversation on our way to Amarillo to see MiMi and Pops:

"This be so fun!  I see MiMi and Pops!  Wait, Pops might be workin'.  Oh well, I will see him yesterday."
He's starting to have his own conversations rather than waiting for me to join in.

When Carter had the stomach bug, he was sitting on the couch and was about to have a little diarrhea (sorry for too much info).  His eyes get huge and he says:
"OH NO!  There's someping in my tummy!"
Poor little guy.

When leaving my parents house a few weeks ago, Carter was upset he didn't get to see Elley.  We were on our way back home and he says to himself"
"Don't worry, Elley.  We be back REAL soon!"

Carter got in a bad habit recently, always saying "I want/I need" until he gets what he wants/needs.  We've been working on it, and here's what I've been hearing:

"Mommy, pease may I have some milk, PEASE!" 
How can I resist those requests?

I was pulling weeds in our flower garden, and Carter decided to pull flowers.  I told him we weren't supposed to do that and he looks at me puzzled, "But, Mommy, it is so BUTIFUL!"

And...his favorite thing in the world to say these days:

"HEY_______!  What are you doin???"

I heard them cracking up the other day and found Peter wearing their toy vegetable basket on his head...

Carter and another one of his protectors, Abby...

A couple pictures of happy Peter that Jeremy took...

Have a blessed one!


  1. Carter is such a ham! I think he and Lofton would get along fairly well. So glad you are feeling good with baby boy #3!

  2. Your children are too cute. These are hands down my favorite blogs to read. Period.