Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Number 3...

Our first one looked like this, and most now say he favors his Daddy...

Our second one looked like this, and others say he looks a little more like me...

What in the world will our third little BOY look like???

Yes, we got a little sneak peak last Friday, and Baby Fisk #3 is a boy :)  We are thrilled!  Of course some people sigh and say we'll just have to try again for a girl (meaning no harm), and hopefully someday we will have a girl.  We would love that!  For now, though, we could not be happier with what God has chosen to bless us with!  Another brother for Carter and Peter, another little baby who will probably be as busy as can be, enjoying the outdoors, playing with cars, keeping us entertained and completely melting our hearts.

I've told others before that I hope for a girl someday, simply because of this...my mom, sister, and I are now best friends.  I adore the relationship we all have, and I would like to have that with a daughter of my own one of these days.  On another note, I know I'll have to "give these little guys away" someday...to a wife or the Church, and right now the thought breaks my heart.  However, I have the best example of doing just that in my amazing mother-in-law.  As she has blessed me, I, too, hope to do the same someday when my sons become husbands (or priests!).

Since those days are years down the road, right now all I can think of is wrapping my arms around another precious, little boy (who will undoubtedly be my world) and welcoming that miracle into our family. 

Here's to Baby Boy #3!


  1. Can't wait to meet Little Boy Fisk #3!! What a beautiful post about your newest miracle. Love you all so much.

    Aunt RoRo:)

  2. Woohoo! He will be absolutely perfect just like the two you already have! We love and adore them all. You are an amazing Mom!