Monday, June 4, 2012

QOTW: 6/3/12

I don't have any idea where the phrase came from, but it's been in my family for years.  Excuse the bodily function talk, but when we were little and tooted, my family would ask if we 'shot a rabbit.'  Weird, I know.  Even weirder when you go to school thinking that everyone calls it that.  Not the case.  Anyway, it seems to have stuck around.  The other day when Carter needed to potty, my stomach growled.  His eyes got big, and he asked if I shot a rabbit.  I told him, 'No, my tummy growled."  Well, seconds later, he really did toot.  I said, "Carter, what was that?"  With a huge grin he said, "My tummy growled."

I don't remember any other funny quotes from the week, but Carter is getting ready for his 2nd birthay, telling everyone its "June levnt (11th)."

Here are a few pics from lately.

Carter saying, "beep beep"...

Someone was playing in Mommy's closet...

"Dat looks real nice."
I think he likes his haircut.

And one of both boys...

Have a great week!

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