Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life Lately...

Well, it has been busy around here.  We finished up our branding season with two days of branding a total of 265 calves, feeding 38 people, watching the boys play with friends and cousins, a birthday for Carter (later post) and a crawfish boil at Uncle Chase and Aunt Jo's place. 

So, summer is about to get a little less busy and somewhat more relaxed.  There is always something going on/to do, but in Carter's opinion, life is much better when you can just sit on the porch and have a little watermelon...

I think PaPa likes it too!

This is my cousin's kid, about a fun 5-year-old to be around.  I don't think he realized he had the corn kernel on his tooth, but he was sure cheesing it up for the camera...

MiMi and Pops brought Peter a new hat, and while he was a little skeptical at first (excuse the red eye)...

...I think he loves it!

My brother and sister-in-law find out the gender of their baby tomorrow and we couldn't be more thrilled!  We're in the process of putting a stucco fence up around our entire yard, hoping it will snake-proof the place a bit, and then we'll put in a lawn.  We're trying to get it all done while we still can enjoy it this summer :)

That's about it around here.  I have a fun b-day to post about and a few quotes from the last few days.  Hopefully they'll be up soon!

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  1. I absolutely love that second picture of your dad and Carter. Precious!