Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peter: 8 Months...

A month has already passed!  Wow.  It's funny/neat to me that as "sad" as I may be about Peter growing up so fast, each new day brings something new to make me smile or to remind me that every moment is to be cherished.  Growing up is just a part of things (some days I have an easier time with that than others).

Here are Peter's current stats:

Weighs about 23 lbs I would guess

Is about 29 inches long (we have a check-up in a month to verify).

Wears anything from 12 month to 18 month clothing.

Still drinks 5 bottles/day equaling almost 29-30 ounces of formula with added rice.

Eats anywhere from 2-7 oz of baby food a day. We try to give him veggie/meat mixes mid-morning and fruit mixes in the afternoon.

Starting to eat table food.  He loves everything and wants to be eating when we're eating.  In fact, I walked in on he and Carter in the living room last week sharing some club crackers.  Carter takes really good care of him :)

Is still on Zantac and is still spitting up a ton.  Seems worse than ever this month.

Takes 2 good naps a day, ranging from 1 hour to 2.5 hours.  And, sometimes there is a third.  He goes down for the night around 6:30 and still typically wakes a little before six.

He is in full crawling mode and can get anywhere in a hurry!  He starting crawling at about 7.5 months.

He also has 3 teeth!  Peter went from zero to three teeth in a matter of two weeks!

Already loves to be outside...just like his brother.

Peter LOVES Carter and cries when Carter is upset and laughs at about everything else he does.  It is my favorite thing to watch. 

We love, love, love you sweet Peter!

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