Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Where We Left Off

I haven't wanted to blog in what seems like forever.  Truthfully, I haven't wanted to do much.  Ha!  But, I've been seeing my little time hops on Facebook, and it makes me realize the lack of photos and blogging of the past year or so might be missed in a few years.  So a quick catch up in a post or two, and then hopefully, if for nothing else than memory-keeping, I'll get back into this. 

A few portraits of the younger kiddos...

I had never made a King cake, so we tried a cream cheese-filled one this year.  I'd have to say it's a good one to try first!

We had a little story time, and we're now trying to come up with a list of must-reads for the summer.  Any ideas?

We did a Stations of the Cross craft, and let me tell you, it's not the the faint of heart crafters (aka me).

The kids spent much of this month in their new home in the weeds.

Then we were on to the next month...

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