Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Big One

It's no secret that Peter loves to fish.  His Pops does, too, so I think he comes by it honestly!  He tries to fish in my parents' pond every time we are there.  Well, this particular morning, he was all alone, and we hear him yelling at Elley for help!  She came running thinking there had been an accident, only to find him with his Mickey Mouse fishing pole bent, pulling the wire with his hands, and yelling for her to grab the net.  Then we saw this...

Who knew there we even any catfish in there!  Usually they catch about a five-inch perch.  Kolbe was IMPressed.

I wish now that we would have weighed it.  Next time!  Man, though, someone once said, "that boy was correctly named!"  After Saint Peter (the fisherman!).  My prayer is he is as faithful as well.

Sweet Peter.

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