Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh How They Love to Decorate

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The day before Thanksgiving, we were at Mom's, and we had some cooking and baking to get done. So, Mom/Elley had the great idea of letting the kids decorate her tree.  They were ecstatic!    And, it was so sweet to watch.  I mean, we did have one who might have been a bit dominant, one who maybe pulled off a few too many hooks, and an itty bitty one who wanted to taste a few...but all-in-all, it was perfect.

I could have watched them all day long, as they were putting on the same ornaments that I put on as a child, most with meaning...whether it was homemade or an ornament we picked up on a trip.  So many memories!


Then Sophie found her...the ornament she deemed her own..."Sophie" the yellow-haired girl.

He couldn't decide exactly where he wanted to put the next one.

My mom is so good to let them help/do things.  So often I get worried that they'll break something of hers or that it will all become a big mess, but she just let's them do it.  And, I sit back and watch, wishing I was more like her (just wait for the blog post of decorating at our house coming up, hahaha).

For awhile, Sophie just sat at the box, kissing every ornament that come out.

My dad helped this little one (and it will be one of my favorite photos for all time)...

I hope they look back on their holidays with as much joy as I do mine as a child!

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