Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our Sweet Baby Girl

I've been in slow blog mode for quite some time.  I would like to update it more...and then I always find other things to do with my time.  We're getting ready to start school.  I've been busy (for me) with photography.  And, life right now with the kids the age they are (I'm sure it doesn't get easier) is just crazy at times.  So, the blog falls behind.  Oh well.  And, with each new child, I find that I document a little less.  Yes, each baby is in a ton of photos, but I don't think I've even started a baby book for Genevieve, and Carter's might be the only one I really completed.  I'm praying they don't care when they grow up. 

Genevieve is now nine months.  

I know I'm her mom, and I know there is some bias in that, but she is just the sweetest.  Her little demeanor reminds me so much of John Paul's when he was this age.  She's as laid back as can be, and she's always smiling.  She's not grumpy, and she only cries if she gets scared (or the usual tired or hungry). She's a dream.  And, I know how blessed I am to have five kids who were amazing babies. She's one of the best.

She might have been a bit upset here because, well, she had poop from head to toe upon waking.

But, she quickly got over it.

She's crawling, eating everything we eat, has two teeth and a bit more hair, and she says, "eh?" to almost anything you say.

We adore this precious angel as we do the rest of them!

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