Thursday, April 28, 2016

Making Biscotti

If you follow me on Instagram, you now I'm on a biscotti kick.  For some reason I feel they're less bad for me than a brownie??  I'm just going to tell myself that as I eat away.  I've tried a lot (not all recently).  We've made chocolate chip, chocolate toffee, gingerbread, cranberry almond and blueberry almond.  In terms of texture and everything really, these are my absolute favorite.  But, I change the recipe up a bit.  I only do half of the almond and cranberries required.  I don't do the lemon or lemon zest, and I don't do the chocolate.  This time, I also made some with the blueberry flavored dried cranberries, and I'm hooked!

So, here's how I do it...

I form the dough into three flat logs.  I probably should not have put them all on the same pan, but oh well.

After I bake them, I let them sit for about five minutes.

Then, I cut the very ends off every log, so they'll be flat when I bake the sides.  Go ahead and eat these pieces.

Once that's done, I cut them into pieces a little under an inch wide.
I flip them all on the same side and bake 7-10 minutes.

Then, I flip them on the other and do the same (this was a blueberry batch).

Then, they're ready to eat (or send in a package).  Voila!
If you have another recipe that you love, send it my way!  Like I said, I'm on a kick :)

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