Thursday, August 13, 2015


We spent some time outside on Monday evening.  From playing frisbee to cleaning up some branches on trees, and even playing in the sandbox, it was simple but fun.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen the photo of John Paul.  Sorry :)  

Carter // 5 - He loves to be active, and right now he enjoys throwing the frisbee.  He wanted me to take a thousand photos.

Peter // 3 - He is quite the worker.  He loves helping and was busy picking up all of the little branches we had cut off in order to toss them over the fence.

John Paul // 2 - Well, he's just the comedian.  While it's so much easier to let them dress themselves, you'll often find my kids in something like this.  The nice things in their drawers end up staying there, and these cool outfits are on repeat!

Sophie // 1 - She really just wants to be wherever her brothers are, doing what they're doing.  So, from her perch in the sandbox, she attentively watched them trim the trees.  A tomboy in the making!

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