Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not Just Another Catalog: Zingerman's!

You know the story.  Around the holidays catalogs come in from out of nowhere...sure, there are the regulars, but then there are piles of those you have never seen before.  Zingerman's was one of those we received this year.  I had never heard of the place.  Actually, the name sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember why.  Then I saw that it was based out of Ann Arbor, and I remembered my sister telling me of this "amazing deli" she went to once while there...yes, it was Zingerman's.

It wasn't just any catalog.  Every picture came in the form of artwork, and each description made you want to buy a product, even if you'd never liked it before. 

A bacon club?  Amazing.  
Fresh baked breads?  Even better.

So, I caved.  I ordered a few Christmas gifts but really wanted to order something for our family.  This arrived a few days later...
And, its contents...

My grandfather is a bit hard to buy for (he has everything he needs), but he has always loved sardines.  When I saw these highly rated sardines, I knew he needed them.  Plus, a few pages away I found these macaroons - my grandma's favorite.  Perfect!

As if their marketing and packaging (I'm a sucker for detail-oriented, fun packaging) wasn't enough, I opened their newsletter to find this article.  As a former FFA member and current rancher, I was sold.
So, I contacted them to tell them how much I loved their company, and they sent me their sugarplums from Portugal to review.
 And, since I was receiving these, I decided to go ahead and place an order of my own.

We are a salami-loving family.
This stuff is incredible!  I cannot recommend it enough.  We've already polished off two.

Then we ordered a couple more gifts... especially for the boys. 
 I had this waiting for them when they woke up from naps.
Hot chocolate, a marshmallow of both kinds and two sugarplums.
I would be lying if I said Carter would touch the sugarplum.
But the marshmallows, he hasn't stopped!
 He even suggested this...
John Paul didn't want much of the sugarplum either (and Peter was still asleep).
But, Jeremy and I tried one (our first taste ever) and they were great!  Very sweet and reminiscent of Christmas - a special treat.

There is something for everyone at Zingerman's - everything from baked goods to olive oils and fruitcake to parents-to-be gift boxes.  Their customer support is incredible, and they have made something as ordinary as food extraordinary with a bit of extra attention to detail.  

It will no longer be in the pile of "where-did-this-come-from" catalogs!  Zingerman's has made our Christmas a bit more delectable, and I have a feeling they will for years to come!


  1. Carter's marshmallow face kills me. KILLS ME. And seriously, Rozann always finds the absolute best restaurants/shops!

  2. This is awesome! I love your reviews! I bet those sugarplums are amazing. And I love the Celebrate Always shirts!!

  3. I went to law school in Ann Arbor and went to zingermans all the time!!! Such a treat! I never thought of ordering from their catalogue but you've inspired me. Love it!

  4. My husband was in law school at the same place as Nell and he talks about this place ALL THE TIME. My father-in-law mentions it about once a month from the one time he went there. We didn't know they had a catalogue! I've got to order one. Thank you for this!

  5. The name Zingerman's just sounds old-fashioned, quaint, and holiday-ish to me! Like the perfect family tradition...
    Reading this post makes me want to place an order too! (I have a feeling that I'd also fall in love with those marshmallows)! :)

  6. I just love your photography. AND! I'm so happy you have a blog button! I just yanked it and slapped it onto my blog finally!