Monday, August 11, 2014

Link-Up: Back to School Activities

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Since we don't have any little ones heading "back to school" quite yet, I took a different spin with this month's topic.  I thought I would focus on a fun back-to-school project for some of our young adult friends (babysitters who might be heading off to college, cousins in college, etc).  So, the boys and I want to share with you a care package idea. 

In college, for me, there was nothing better than getting a package.  The best really were from home and often had some tasty treat in them.  I quickly learned not to open them in front of many people in my dorm or my goodies would vanish ;)  I always loved the handwritten notes, fun trinkets and really just knowing that someone was thinking of me.

So, the boys and I practiced today :)  It's the first time John Paul has helped with our kitchen projects, and we made boxed brownies (personally, I like them more than homemade)...

Along with a homemade goody, I would add a few of the following things to the package:

1.  A note along with a few pictures of the kids.
2.  Artwork from the kids.
3.  A Starbucks card
4.  Quarters for laundry.
5.  A restaurant giftcard.
6.  Desk supplies (pens/pencils).
7.  A good devotional

The sky is the limit.  Make someone's back-to-school a little better by sending them a care package this fall!  And, know that moments like these teach kids about caring for others.  They might not get it now, but it's a fun way to do something together and to also share the treats they are so proud of with others.  

So, what are your favorite things to do as the school year rolls around?  Please share!


  1. Love your pictures as always! This is a great idea. When I was away from home at college these types of packages meant so much. Great reminder!

  2. You are so sweet, Britt. I am sure that the recipients appreciate them! And, once again....that picture of Peter! :)

  3. What a fun idea! I don't think I ever received a care package in college, but I would have loved one!

  4. Such a sweet and thoughtful idea, Britt! Care packages in college are so great. They are boxes filled with warm fuzzies and homey goodness!

  5. So my first thought when I popped over here to read this post was "Doesn't apply to me yet" and then I read that it doesn't apply to you yet either and then I read that you made brownies and now I'm having a (non-pregnancy) craving. Haha! Might need to make a trip to grab some today and maybe I'll brave letting the girls help me make them although that'll probably mean a much bigger clean-up but YOLO, right? :)

  6. Great recipe, cute photos!