Wednesday, December 26, 2012

QOTW: 12/26/12

Until I get caught up on some posts from Christmas happenings, here's a laugh or two for you.

For the first ten days or so since John Paul joined our family, life was a bit least for the biggest brother at times...

Carter was mid-way through a nap when John Paul started crying loudly.  After a minute or two of that, I hear a yell from the back room, "John Paul needs his pacifier!"

At the end of week one, I was feeding John Paul and Carter walked over to us and matter-of-factly said, "Jo needs to come pick him back up!"  Little did he realize that John Paul was not Stephen Ross (Aunt Jo's baby) and was here to stay.

Aunt RoRo got Carter the cutest little book when he was born called, "Little Pea."  It's a short book and talks about how much Little Pea hates candy but has to eat it so he can have spinach for dessert. With every bite, Little Pea says, "Yuck!" or "Plek" or something very similar.  Well, I made something for dinner one night, and before long, Carter spits a bite back on his plate, saying, "Bleck bleck bleck."  Thank goodness we were home for that lesson :)

Carter has a cute Life is Good shirt he wears all the time with a snowman on it.  After we watched Frosty this Christmas season, I put his shirt on him and said, "Look Carter, it's Frosty!"  Carter responded, "No, Mom, it not Frosty, it just looks a lot like him."

Jeremy and I had a Cowboys football game on when Carter woke up from his nap last Sunday.  He was excited and plopped right down in front of the TV.  I told him to say, "Go Cowboys!"  Once again he corrected me with, "I will not say 'Doe Towboys,' Mom.  Dose aren't towboys, day are football damers (gamers)!"  Oops.

We had a photographer out when John Paul was six days old to get his newborn shots.  I wanted one of all the boys, too.  Carter cooperated for a few minutes and then didn't want to do anything.  Jeremy picked Peter up and held him upside down for a shot, and Carter started laughing (though tried to contain it), so the photographer asked him if he wanted to go upside down.  He said, "I don't do upside down."

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  1. I. Love. Carter. "I don't do upside down." Yea buddy, me neither. Good call!