Monday, May 14, 2012

QOTW: 5/14/12

Carter is a ball of energy these days.  When he is up, he never stops going.  Sometimes, I am in a hurry to get things done, impatient or not quite in the mood to repeat everything he says (something I seem to have to do for him to move on to something else).  Well, this past week or so, he gave me a couple of reality checks, per se.

One day we were getting ready to head out the door, and I needed to put some new clothes on him.  Well, he thought it was the perfect time to play 'let's run away from Mommy and laugh."  He would get just within reach and then run the other way, laughing...only stopping to say, "Dat funny!"  Well, after a few times, it wasn't very funny to me, and I told him I was through playing and he needed to get his clothes on.  It didn't phase him.  So, as my temperature rose (yes, short fuse that day), I said, "Carter, get over here right now or you are going to get a spanking!"  He then gets a huge grin on his face and runs over as fast as he can.  He falls into me with his arms wrapped around my neck and says...
"Mommy needs a hug!"
I did :)

About five days later, we were on our way home from a long, but fun, day in Amarillo.  It was 7:30 when we headed home (a two hour drive), and Carter is typically sound asleep at that time.  Well, he decided to stay awake in the car the entire ride home, talking so loudly at times that Peter would wake up.  I was getting frustrated and tired of asking him to be quieter.  So, after a really loud outburst I turned around and said, "Carter, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"  To which he responds...
"Peace be wit you Mommy."
Needed that too :)

Peter is teething...has been for months, and there is still nothing to show for it.  Well, a couple days ago, he decided to yell/growl every waking moment he isn't eating.  It is a very distinct noise, and Carter isn't the biggest fan.  After a few minutes of it at the dinner table, Carter points to Peter and says...
"Donald Duck.  Peder is Donald Duck!"

Carter wanted to climb in Peter's bed early one morning.  They always wake up this happy, and it makes my day...

Papa (my dad), Jeremy and Carter loading up to go check the cows this morning.  (We are so blessed.  Speaking of blessed, Mother's Day was a real treat!  Not only did Jeremy and Carter make me pancakes and help me plant the garden, they reminded me of how lucky I am to get to do what I do.  Without Jeremy, I wouldn't have these little boys.  He is a man unlike any other...working so hard to not only provide for us but to truly lead by example.  God is the center of His life, and he helps us direct ours the same way.  Carter and Peter are my other vocation (first is being Jeremy's wife)...I couldn't imagine my life any other way.  Thank you, God).


  1. Britt--I bet you are the best mom in the entire world, even on the short fuse days :) Reading about your life with 2 boys gives me confidence that I can do it, too.

    Look at Carter in his big boy undies! I'm trying the 3 day training camp come June.

    love you and am so glad you were celebrated yesterday!

  2. This is beyond precious. So adorable! I love how happy you are with your life--no one deserves it more than you, sweet girl!