Friday, March 9, 2012

Quotes of the Week (QOTW)...

Since Peter cannot do much more than cry in terms of communicating, QOTW weekly posts will be dominated by Carter for quite some time.  Without further adieu...

"Way doh PeePee"
("Way to go, Peter")
I was loading both boys in the car to go feed cattle with Jeremy, and I bonked Peter's head on the door frame.  Carter saw it and started reprimanding me.  I asked him to calm down and explained that Peter was fine and that he didn't even cry.  He then looked over at Peter (PeePee) and shouted the above.

"PEEPEE, thas nuf"
("Peter, that is enough!")
Peter has been going through an extra long growth spurt, and has been waking at 3 am for a few weeks.  Well, one night morning last week, Peter was on a roll and cried/screamed for at least an hour.  Little did we know it had woken Carter up until we heard the above yell.

"All done, Fada"
Toward the end of Father's homily in Mass last weekend, Carter was getting a bit restless, and I assume he thought Father was dragging on a bit.  So, he let him know it was time to wrap it up.  Luckily we were in the cry room!

Brothers (almost 5 and 21 months)

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  1. o my this post had me laughing out loud....3 times! Carter is a little comedian! Love you all! I am so glad you are back to blogging!