Thursday, August 9, 2018

The June Birthdays

We have back-to-back birthdays in June.  And forever, I had decided that we would never do a joint birthday.  I mean, several of my kids have birthdays very close together, but I wanted them to each have their own special day.  I was talking to my mother-in-law about this, and come to find out, she and her sister had birthdays twelve days apart and never celebrated them separately.  Then the wheels started turning, and well, what harm would it do if they had their own cakes, their own gifts and just one party?!  We usually only have grandparents over anyway.  So, it happened...the day between both of their birthdays.  And guess what?  They loved it!  

We did let them pick their meals on their true birthdays.  Sophie's day started with strawberry pancakes.

Look how excited John Paul was for her opening her presents!

I've had so much fun the last couple of years trying new cakes for their birthdays.  This was a Biscoff one.  It was as yummy as it sounds.  Cookie butter in cake form!

This one was called Death by Chocolate, and we all kind of decided it was a one-time cake.

Only the best aunts give musical instruments to my kids for their birthdays.  We've had a ukulele, drums, and now, a trumpet!  I can't wait until my nephew's birthday, haha.

I love Peter's enthusiasm.

Eight and four.  As always, it's hard for me to believe.  I saw a friend's post on Instagram the other day where she was helping a young friend get her college dorm ready, and then she said how she got back out to her car (in the parking lot seeing moms and dads hug their babies just a little longer and tighter before letting them go...on their journeys without them).  And, she bawled.  The thought right now makes me want to do the same.  I know it's just part of it and truly what a blessing it is to love someone so much that saying goodbye is so difficult...but yeah, I'm glad they are just eight and four right now.

Carter...he's our inquisitive one.  He has a question all hours of the day.  He's also very confident and very competitive (which sometimes isn't a great combination).  He feels deeply and reacts quickly.  He loves anything science right now,  enjoys shooting his bow, and recently went to a small basketball camp.  He's really moving along with his piano lessons, and he always wants to lead new activities with his siblings.  He's in a stage where he likes to be a bit goofy from time to time and maybe even likes to argue a bit.  For his birthday dinner he asked for a candle lit dinner complete with only Schwans' frozen pizza.  Done.  He likes swimming, dancing, going with Jeremy from time to time, winning, blue Doritos, chocolate chip cookies and almost any candy.  What a wonderful little guy he is!

Sophie...our tough little girl.  She is as girly as they come while as rough and tumble as they come simultaneously (maybe the result of three older brothers).  She will come out of her room with ten bows in her hair, only to get her dress dirty catching waterdogs.  She loves to sing and dance, play house, and help me bake.  She is feisty and quick to tell Genevieve what to do, but she's also just as quick to find her blanket when she is crying.  She has as many expressions as she does shoes, and she loves to just "visit" with her aunts and grandmas.  She claims she loves all things pink, is a huge fan of baked potatoes and thinks she has named her little sister.  She eats cheerios almost daily, rarely wears anything but dresses, and loves a good book!  I'd be lying if I said she was drama-free, but she's such a fun, little go-getter, and I don't know what we'd do without her!

Happy birthday to our June babies!

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