Monday, August 6, 2018

June in Review

I'm sooo good at blogging these days, ha!

In June...

We had swim lessons.  And, Carter and Peter are pretty much swimming on their own!  And, their momma is pretty proud as well.

You can barely see Sophie giving her thumbs up, but she did so well!  

We had the best group of people to swim with, and the kids made so many new friends!

Henry learned to drive.

We had a water balloon fight or two.

The boys began learning archery.

And, we finally devoted some time to teaching the boys to ride.  They even went to help gather cattle several times and loved it!

The little ones love being the big boys' cheering section when they practice!

We had a couple birthdays, a big trip to Florida and some simple, ordinary days as well!  June was a good one.

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