Thursday, May 25, 2017

Noah's Ark

Sometimes kids ask questions that I have a hard time answering.  While I am okay knowing that God had a plan with the ark and taking animals two by two, I don't really know logistically how it all worked.  But, they want those logistics.  

How did the ark have room for all of those animals?  How big was it?  What did the earth look like covered in water?  On and on.
Sometimes, as a parent, I feel like I should have all the answers to what my kiddos ask.  And, I also feel that I should be able to adequately explain any answer I give.  Not true.  Many more times than I would have imagined would come about, I simply don't have the answer.

I find myself trying and trying to explain things, and feeling like I'm somehow giving up when I cannot get the point across. 

However, I'm slowly realizing that we really don't have all the answers, and that is the beauty of our faith.  If we could explain everything in a form accepted by these little minds, there would not be much use for faith, would there?

So, instead, I try to focus on the magnitude of God's love and His world.  

The answers are not always ones we will fully understand.  But, the mysteries in life are what make it complex and point to Him.

And, isn't that what these little lessons are all about?

So, little ones, keep asking.  I will keep trying to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

All along, I feel we are going to realize that He has created a very complex, beautiful world that sometimes only makes sense in the context of His love for us and aching for us to be back with Him.

As we go, we'll keep cutting and pasting our way through the thick of it all while praising God that cows were on His ark!

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