Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mid-week Likes & Links

When we were little, my grandmother made us sweet little Christmas ornaments just like these.  A walnut shell, cotton ball, bead for His head, and fabric for His blanket make this precious little baby Jesus ornament.  The kids made them with Elley while they were there after we came home from the hospital with Henry, and I forgot to post this photo until now.  These ornaments are a new favorite!

I love this new chambray tunic - I have it in gray.

These are some of my favorite cardigans.  They're very lightweight, so they work year round, and the length is my favorite.

Aren't these booties nice?

Jeremy thought the kids and I would enjoy this indoor garden.  Maybe I can't kill it?

I love cake stands, and I recently found this sweet, small one!

Jeremy has read every book in this series and has raved about them.

This magazine was a gift, and it is as good as you would expect!

Happy Wednesday!

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