Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dance Party

Lately, Sophie has loved nothing more than putting a CD in the DVD drive, and cranking up some music to dance.  She likes it more than cartoons, more than games, more than anything!  Well, it always helps if she has her "pincess" dress on, too.  So, the other night, she wanted us all involved!  

She's always asking her daddy to "pin" her.
Carter is a bit more on the funky side.  Lately, he's been asking to watch videos of Michael Jackson when he was little.  And, he's done a few moonwalk attempts.  Verrrry entertaining.

You never know if Peter is going to watch from the sidelines or go all in.  This day, it was all in.

And, John Paul...anything that's crazy, he's on it!

Little sister even has a love for it!

There is never a dull moment, but I'm thinking I should probably be thankful for that!

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