Wednesday, November 30, 2016

JORD Wood Watches: The Perfect Gift

I know you all know my love for JORD and my wood watch - it's lightweight, unique and just a really fun accessory!  Every time I get to choose one for a campaign, I'm always tempted to keep it for myself...especially when it's the Frankie, like this one is.  It's my favorite.'s the season of giving, and that's just what we'll do.  JORD has brought about something new to make these watches even more special...engraving!  You can have wood engraving on the box it comes in, watching engraving on a select few models, or both!  
For this, I chose wood engraving.  I wish I had put just a bit more thought into it.  But, it's a Christmas gift for my cousin (surprise!), so I thought this would be perfect.

There are different fonts to choose from and different character limits in terms of which watch you choose.  Next time, I think I'll do a favorite quote.

Here's the beautiful watch...
My cousin is a momma to three little ones, and I feel like this larger face will suit her perfectly.  Just a quick glance down at her wrist, and she'll be reminded if it's nap time, lunch time, play time, or time for the sweet momma to have a break!
My kids always think a JORD watch is theirs when one arrives in the mail.  Some day, maybe.  
Until then, we'll celebrate this Advent and Christmas with little traditions here and there.  From baking Christmas cookies for friends to delivering goodies to some of our favorites, and now gifting my cousin with this beautiful watch, I hope in it all that they'll see the joy of giving during the holidays...and always.

If this is a gift you'd like to give, click here to get $25 towards making it possible!

Merry Christmas!

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