Monday, November 21, 2016

Genevieve Turns One...and Hates Cake

Another year has come and gone, and it never gets any easier to believe.  A year ago, I was looking at this sweet face after a semi-traumatic birth.

Now, here we were getting ready for Gen's first birthday...or cup stacking event.

As always, we had a really small party with family, and as always, I have food still for days.  

The kids helped us decorate the night before and were so very excited for Genevieve's birthday...which might have overwhelmed Genevieve just a tiny bit.

And as I do, about five other times a year, I tried to make the cake myself.  This one was fun.
When I didn't get party favors for Jeremy's birthday, I was made aware that they are what makes the that won't happen again.

We had a little brunch...

...with green chile sausage balls.

And, this little boy who absolutely adores his sweet Gen was dressed for the occasion.  He wanted a "nice shirt" and a little "hair stuff" - then he needed his picture taken.

But, he stopped me! "You think I should brush my teeth for this?"

Genevieve work up from her nap to this, and she remained about as quiet and reserved as I've seen her in a long time.  Maybe she's a bit like her momma?


The kids determined cotton candy is too sweet - I was shocked.

Right before things got bad.

She slipped a bit, and landed on the cake...and her hands were covered.

She then watched as everyone opened her presents.

So, while the party girl may not have loved it, her siblings sure did!  And, at least she can look back and know we tried.  For now, she...

...loves being held, but not much more touching than that.
...screams for attention. a busy body.
...loves to climb.
...doesn't say much. our littlest one.
...smiles with a precious closed-mouth grin. a bit more clingy than the others. not always a big fan of strangers or crowds.
...loves her brothers and sister like you wouldn't believe.
...and has all of us wrapped around her tiny fingers.

Happy Birthday (Saturday), sweet Genevieve!

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