Monday, August 15, 2016

That Friend

I took these photos in June when my sister was here, and while I assume there isn't anything that special about them to anyone else, they're some of my very favorites.  Just sitting in the garage, eating peanuts and potato chips...I feel like they capture the essence of my very best friend.  And, even more than me loving her, I love to see how my kids love her and really, how she loves my kids. Honestly, is there anyone who adores your kids that you don't immediately adore, too?  I might be that mom who also gets a bit quickly frustrated if you don't say hello to my babies when they say hi to you, Mr. Stranger.  I know, I know.

Anyway, back to the point.  Carter is telling my sister a story.  She is focusing on him like he is the only person in the world.  And, little Miss Sophie is looking at her in awe.  She's doing what I basically do every time I see her.  

She's the friend I unload on.  The one I want to be more like.  So much more like.  The one whose talents I am inspired by.  The one who parents like I feel I should.  The one who loves and lives the love of Jesus like I want to.  The friend who talks me down, lifts me up, sends a text at just the right time and who I can be as goofy or as serious as I want to be with while loving me just the same.

And even though she's really an aunt to my little ones, in their eyes, I see them see her the way I one who will love them unconditionally and more than anyone but their mom really can. Really, I feel like she loves them like they are her own, and speaking from experience, that's hard to do!

I've been blessed with so many beautiful souls in my life...some I know personally, and others through this blog.  And, this one right as good as gold.  

Come back...soon!

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