Wednesday, August 3, 2016

JORD: Unique Gifts for the Special People in Your Life

In the summers the last few years, we've been blessed to have some of the most amazing mother's helpers.  I think that's what people call them.  I still call them babysitters, but I guess it's a different name if they're at the house with the kiddos when the mom is there, too?  Regardless, this summer is no different.

Zoey is a Godsend.  If we miss a week or more with her, the kids start to wonder where the fun lady is and when she can come back.  "Mommy, don't you have errands?  Zoey can come!"  Ha!  At least they love her, right?  There's nothing not to love.  She is one of the kindest, most loving young women I know, and she handles all five of my little ones with ease.

So, when JORD asked if I'd like to participate in their campaign to gift a special person in my life with a cool watch, I immediately agreed...knowing exactly who I'd give it to!  Zoey is here whenever we need her, doing whatever we ask, and loving these little ones as much as you could ask of someone outside the family.  We adore Zoey.  

She plays games, changes diapers, feeds them, puts them down for naps...anything and everything she is up for!  I think the boys were trying to convince her they needed another ball in their Good Boy Jar.  She didn't buy it.  

Zoey has this one on her hip a good part of the day.

Zoey's always loved my JORD watch (I wear the fieldcrest!), and she mentioned her favorite was the Zebrawood & Champagne women's watch.  So, this was just meant to be!  I love how classy and simple it is, yet how wonderfully made.  She can doing everything she needs to with the kids (even sometimes helping make mud pies) and doesn't have to worry she'll mess it up.
Her days with the kids are long.  But, I have a feeling this little watch will serve to remind her that there are five little souls whose days are made when she's here...even when summer is over and she's back to her normal routine!

I've given a watch to my sister and my sister-in-law, and I would recommend them to anyone!  It's a fun, creative gift idea for anyone you love!  Jeremy is next on the list of recipients, because they have some of the best mens' watches, too.  

So, how about a little contest?  Click here to enter!  The winner will receive a $75 credit to a watch of their choice. Every entry will receive a $20 credit!  It's easy to enter, and whether or not you win, you all get something!  So, how about buying a JORD watch for the special person in your life? Enter now!  Good luck.

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