Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Weekend Trip

The last couple of summers, we've gone to a little resort outside of Albuquerque with Jeremy's parents for a few days, and we've always loved it!  This year was no exception!  We swam most of the day, ate poolside a lot, went on nature walks, and always ended the evening with s'mores.  The kids even listened to an Native American story-telling which they loved.

Sophie wasn't much for the water.  And, she couldn't quite understand why she had a swim shirt on and none of the boys she quickly looked like this.

The boys got to practice their swimming (we don't do that often enough), and I think they're growing more confident!

Sophie, just wanted to hang out with Aunt Julie.
And, Mimi bought her some new shades, which she was so proud of.
John Paul didn't get in the water a whole lot, either, but he always wanted to be right there by the pool with everyone else.

And, Genevieve just happily went where everyone else was.  She was a little dream.

We had to have a few snacks...

...and play a little ping pong.

The best part was being there with family.

John Paul got these little goggles, and well, he wore him like glasses everywhere he went the next two days.

Fisk Family Fun at it's finest...

Such a fun filled weekend!

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