Monday, July 11, 2016

Cooking Out

Right before the 4th of July, we decided to head tot he creek for a little cookout!  The boys staked out the perfect spot before naps.  Then, they slept a bit while Jeremy and I got everything together, and once they woke, off we went!

We brought stuff for burgers and s'mores, but we forgot the burger seasoning, oops. was more fun than tasty.  

Genevieve basically sat and ate graham crackers the entire time.
Sophie tried to give her a few other things....

The boys were anxious to get the fire started.
If at any point in this post you decide you would like me to offer a consultation on how to dress your children cutely, my email is under the contact tab!

Carter labeled himself the grill master.

And, I was only slightly worried that John Paul would lose a finger.

Peter did a little exploring.

Then, everyone had to throw a few rocks into the water.

And, we ate...

Then, before we had a chance to do much else, this blew in, so we loaded up to head home.

And, found this when we got there...

It was a fun little outing!

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