Thursday, July 9, 2015

Taking Stock // Summer

taking stock // summer

making: more time for moments of faithful reading.  I'm loving everyone's devotions at Blessed is She and the few little short readings I get in some days.  

cooking: lots of summer veggies.  I cannot get enough corn on the cob.  And, I added a few raisins and some cinnamon to this bread recently.  So good!

drinking: just water...and coffee when I need more help getting going!

reading: Introduction to the Devout Life.  Yes, it's the one I was supposed to finish during Lent.  Yes, I'm not even half-way through yet.  Ha!  This should tell me something about needing to pick up a book more often.  ;)  

wanting: to learn to truly let things go.  I have the hardest time holding on to worry, fear, doubt and pain.  Right now my prayer is to give it all to Him and to be at true peace.

looking: at my precious nephew this week.  I'd give anything for them to live closer.

playing: so much outside these beautiful summer days.  

wasting: time online when I really should get into the exercise routine that I promise myself I will every Monday ;)

sewing: not a thing.

wishing: I knew Photoshop better.

enjoying: my babies.  I thank God for the days when I can truly sit down and enjoy them and recognize the way they've made me who I am.  Most days, the daily tasks get in the way of that.

waiting:  for our family trip to the beach!

liking: this dress.  Actually, I love it!  It's my favorite maternity piece these days.

wondering: how this next Fall and the beginning of trying out homeschooling will go!

loving: this mascara.  I've used it almost a year now, and I never have black stuff under my eyes.  It's completely different from any other mascara I've ever used, but I'm hooked.

hoping: that my children always know how much they're loved.

marveling: at the changes happening in our country and wondering where we go from here.

smelling: fresh cut grass - a summer favorite.

needing: to get ready for a wedding I'm photographing in Denver!  

wearing: this this weekend.  I know, I know.  Never say never!

following: more people than I should on Instagram.  It might just be my favorite form of social media these days.

noticing: I haven't blogged routinely in so long...and it's been even longer that I've written anything substantial.

knowing: that every day is a gift...yet praying I start living that way.  I'm a planner, and I'm always looking to what I need to be doing to get ready for what's to come.  Yet, I really want to just see the preciousness in each moment.  Knowing something and living something are two totally different things, and I pray that I begin to close the gap between the two in my life.  

thinking: about where to take this photography stuff...always a mental debate of balance.

bookmarking: so many blogs.  I need to catch up on my favorites!

opening: a letter from a dear friend and mentor.  There is just something about a letter that is so meaningful.

giggling: at John Paul recently telling someone they had "a lot of hair in dere nose!"

feeling: a little worn out, but so grateful.

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