Monday, July 20, 2015


A day late, darn it!  But, I can't skip it!

We spent the weekend with the Fisks at Tamaya in Bernalillo and had the best time!  The kids loved the pool.  We had an evening s'more ritual.  We went on hikes.  And, we all got to be together.  It was just the best!

Here is the documentation:

Carter // 5 - he had just finished a week of swim lessons, and he got to test out his skills.  The life vest didn't come off much, but he had such a fun time!
Peter // 3 - at first he just wanted to be held in the water.  But then we found the huge kid pool that was 3'6" at its deepest, and his vest was off for good!  I was so excited to see him gain so much confidence!
John Paul // 2 - he might be our dare devil!
Sophie // 1 - I didn't get a photo of her in the water, but this was just before we went out!  She's a fan, too! 

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