Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let Freedom Ring

We so enjoyed the week before the 4th.  Every evening Jeremy would take the boys out and light a few fireworks.  They looked forward to it all day long.
I forget things easily.  Or, maybe I should say I get too wrapped up in what's going on in my very own little world, that I fail to adequately appreciate what's going on around me...mainly that being my husband and the dad he is to our kiddos.  
He is 100% ours.  He is constantly thinking of things the kids might enjoy and trying to get that done. He is always home with us, and in those moments with the kids, he's not only teaching them little things but he's being the even greater thing...the perfect example of selflessness.  He can tell when it's been a rough day, and he gives even more.  
He loves me, and them, more than I even hoped for/expected...and I don't have low expectations.

He's the boys' example of what a real man is.  He's Sophie's example of how she should always be treated.  And, he's their model of what it means to be a faithful, loving spouse.  For me, he helps me be a better parent, and he guides me closer to Christ.  We adore him.

The long-awaited 4th finally arrived, and to the parade we went!

Carter was the king of waving...telling everyone around him that if they didn't wave, the parade people wouldn't throw them any candy.
 He even met a new friend :)

Sophie watched from her very favorite spot...her Daddy's arms.

We even got to spend it with precious Kolbe and RoRo!

Sophie caught on to the waving!
And, John Paul was nursing a terribly smashed thumb (in our huge gate as we left the house), but he's a tough one, and it didn't keep him from the fun!

As we were packing up to leave, I caught this sweet moment...quite the relationship between the two of them!

We're so thankful for the rights won for us...for our freedoms...and for the men and women who brought us here (just another reason we love our Daddy).
God bless America.