Monday, December 22, 2014

Life Lately...In Pictures

As is the case with most everyone this time of year, we are busy.  Seems silly to even mention.  But, I'll give you a little photo show of what we've been up to...

St. Nick came to visit.

He brought matching pjs and new ornaments...

We received a Jesse Tree this year.  Guess who didn't even know what one was until this Advent season?  Me.
We've been doing some crafting...decorating letters to be exact (cardboard c, p, j, and s).  It went as you might expect it to go :).  Quickly and messily.  

But, we've had these guys picking up our spirits all season long thanks to Aunt Sammie.  Sometimes they bring us juice.  Other times, hot chocolate, but they're always welcomed with open arms (don't worry, Sophie has one, too).

Taking a little break to take care of some business.

We made a gingerbread house.  Actually, Target made it, and we put it together!  So much easier.

And the next day, it saw a natural disaster of sorts.
John Paul had a tiny birthday party for his second birthday.  And, aside from eating lots of candy candies (candy canes), blowing out candles was his favorite part!
 Well, the confetti ice cream was a bit hit, too.
Beyond parties, he's just been watering his cows.
Sophie turned six months old...and has gained a pound and grown an inch or two (17 lbs, 27 inches).
 She is just the best.
We've spent a ton of time in the kitchen baking everything from Spitzbuban to peanut brittle and homemade cookie butter.
 John Paul had a second birthday party with a yummy cookie cake and sweet family.
 Look at all the boys on this side...
 Once again, he was obsessed with two little horsies he received.
Peter's been a pretty good little Santa, chanting "ho ho ho!" all around.
And, I've dressed them in matching sweatshirts every few days (the same one).  They'll thank me some day!

A sweet friend sent this to provide a little relaxing bathtime.  She made it (it's not a cupcake you eat but one you put in the bathtub)!
I needed it.  I guess that means that I haven't really done this Advent what I hoped to do (slow down). I'm embarrassed to say how many journal entries I've done.  Don't ask!

I hope you've been full of blessings (be they peaceful or busy).  Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I just learned about a Jesse tree- I love it! The pjs are just adorable- sophie is a lil doll :)

  2. I've never heard of a Jesse tree. I love the pictures of JP and his cakes!

  3. So many beautiful moments! Great photos, Britt! :)

  4. I only heard of the Jesse tree last year... maybe next year I'll actually make some of the ornaments? If I start in September I think my chances are pretty good. :)

  5. I love your photos! And the pj's totally adorable. I'm thinking we might do that next year for Saint Nick. Where did you get yours?

  6. I just love little kiddles in matching PJ's! Those Santa mugs are too fun...wishing you and your sweet family a merry Christmas!

  7. Love all of this! So much fun. Gosh! I really wish I was that young once again...not a worry in the world except picking that booger and filling my belly. Advent blessing to you and yours!

  8. I just love your photography, Britt! Wishing a Merry Christmas to you & yours...

  9. Merry Christmas!
    (And I had also bought a pre-made gingerbread house to decorate, but it's still sitting in its box. Ha, ha. Hmmm, maybe the hubby and I will decorate it on New Year's Eve)? :)

  10. Your kiddos are so sweet! I can't believe how fast your littlest sweetie pie is growing! Love these glimpses in to your day-to-day! Happy New Year, friend~