Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Thoughts and Links: The Manger Ox, Christmas and New Shows

Today is a scrambled day.  A million things going on at once, and a few more in my head, haha!  So, I'm going to spit them out here...

We've been enjoying the winter thusfar.  Carter will randomly ask if I want to "pretend to sleep"  Yes, baby boy, yes.
It's actually been pretty nice the last few days.  So, I sent the boys outside.  We have three little ride-on vehicles, but this is what I found...
So, I did something I never thought I would...bought Sophie and me a matching shirt, haha.  She's too young to care!  Maybe when you're 32, you shouldn't dress like you're 5 months old?!

Have you been watching Madam Secretary (she is gorgeous) or State of Affairs?  Jeremy and I are a bit addicted to both!  So good!

Carter and I made this crazy salami, cheese and cracker turkey for Thanksgiving.  He thought it was what we had been talking about forever when we said we were going to have turkey for Thanksgiving.  It didn't last long.
 Papa and two of his's a boy in a dress!
 Even in the cold, the sandbox is a perfect place to play...for hours.
We have all of our Christmas decorations up finally, and I love it.  Although, I mentioned this to someone the other doesn't really feel like Christmas.  Is it because there is so much to do? Or, because I'm making up so much to do?  Ie, we probably don't need an Advent calendar, a Jesse tree, Advent activities, cooking making, present wrapping, etc ALL at once since the kids are so tiny!  I do this every year!  I want to enjoy and see the magic in it all, but it hasn't hit yet.  That kind of makes me sad.  I think I forget to slow down and see it through their eyes.  I don't want to miss it!  The boys each hung their stocking and had so much fun doing it...

This...this is what I should not be doing this year.  I mean, it's a GREAT idea!  However, I think it just stresses me out more which means I'm not very joy-filled while doing it.  Completely misses the point, right?!  We're stopping.

A beautiful piece on being a saint.  Thank you, Father Steve.

I ordered these.  The people ones are an order of my sister-in-law.  But, I cannot wait to get them! And, to find a place for them!  They make one giant square on the wall.  Look at Gabriela's other work here.  Amazing!
I have had this tab open for days.  I love Olivia's blog and feel she has so much good advice to offer. Just need to make the time to read it!

What is your favorite holiday treat to give to neighbors?  I tried to make homemade cookie butter.  I don't think it's working, so throw me your ideas!

John Paul has been trying to feed the manger ox his breakfast (in Jesus' manger no less).  Just pray he makes it through the holiday season.  I've found him outside with Amos twice now!

That's it.  Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Oh, the thought of doing an activity/craft/baking every day stresses me out too. Maybe shoot for one a week? I know that if I force it, I'll just be a spazz, have a bad attitude, and it definitely won't be magical for me or the kids.

    There are different variations of Christmas crack, but the one I'm doing (again!) this year is basically 2 cups each of Chex cereal, pretzels, Cheerios, M&M's, and peanuts (I could be forgetting more things, but it's highly customizable!) all covered in melted almond bark, then spread on wax paper to cool/break into smaller chunks.

  2. I'm snuggling my very own newborn and catching up on your blog by the light of the Christmas tree... A winter evening can't get much better than this! :)