Sunday, December 7, 2014

He's Two

When you look back on pictures, does it make you sad?  I mean, I know they are tiny captures of moments in time that we do not want to forget.  But, do you sometimes forget?  When scanning a few folders of pictures (I have so many, and they are so unorganized on my computer - ahh, for another day), I picked these out for a post about John Paul's birthday.  However, it was only because of these pictures that I remembered.  I had forgotten how he looked with fuller cheeks.  I don't remember what he looked like with redder hair.  I've already lost the memory of him not walking (and he's only been walking for six months).  And, it made me sad.  As you have probably gathered from past posts, it doesn't take much.

Even still, these "memories" capture a snippet but not the essence of them like a video would.  Maybe we're not supposed to remember it all.  And, I love, love, love today.  However, at moments, these pictures make me want to go back.  To go back and give this little(r) guy a big squeeze, to carry him everywhere, to try to get him to say a few things.  But, I don't know why that makes me sad.

Maybe it's just a piece of the love I have for my kids, or maybe I'm just overly emotional.  It really cannot be described.  I can only say that it makes me want to go into his bedroom as he's sleeping and just hold his little self and try, try, try to never forget again.

Today he's two.  The next day he'll be eighteen.  For now, this is what I know...

From zero to one, he was the sweetest, best-tempered little baby, loving to be held and in awe of his surroundings, content to just smile and take it all in.  
When he turned one, adventure hit.
 He wants to do everything his big brothers do, and usually, he can to some degree.
There isn't anything he cannot say.  I feel like he and I could have a conversation all day long, and sometimes we do...particularly when I'm driving.
That "neigh-neigh" in the photo above is his best buddy.  In fact, he has two.  And, he's attached.  He holds their tails as he sucks his thumb to sleep.

He usually only gets upset when he's hurt or when his feelings are hurt.  But, that doesn't happen often.

He's got quiet the sweet tooth but comes by it honestly.

He's usually always excited
 And, he doesn't like to miss anything.
He's pretty ornery though, and he'll test the limits daily.  When I tell him to do something, he jokingly says, "nooope!"  Then, I get a bit more stern and tell him not to tell me no.  Immediately he smiles big saying, "yessir!"
 He loves riding horses, playing outside, "feeding" his toy cows, dancing, playing "get me" and acting goofy.

He gets away with a lot.

This is one of my favorite of his goofy faces.

This is to remember, as next year I find myself crying because I've again forgotten ;)  

John Paul is such a gift.  Each of these little ones are.  He makes us laugh daily, and I am blessed beyond words to be his momma.  

Just slow down a bit, little guy.  Happy Birthday!


  1. This is the sweetest thing. You enjoy every minute. He's got such a good mama!

  2. Dang it, I feel the same way when I look back through my photos. It wasn't that long ago in time, but already we forget what little expressions they had, or how small they really were, it's just shocking and sad. I kinda want to never forget all the sweet things they do or the way the look so babyish. Ahh! Now I'll start crying too!
    But happy birthday to that sweetie!