Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"What on Earf"

On Sunday, Carter had his mind set on flying a kite.  We didn't have kite string.  Nor did we have a kite. So, off we went to town to see what they had at the dollar store.  No kites or string, but we did find these...
I loved them growing up, so I thought the boys might, too.

I think they might have liked eating the chips better than seeing the pills transform into different shaped sponges.

We also found some "growing rocks" to which Carter exclaimed, "What on earf are dese?!"  That's been his expression of choice lately.  Unfortunately, these rocks grew only about half a millimeter.  Fail.
So, outside we went to finish varnishing the crate bookshelves we've been making...

John Paul was the quiet onlooker as the other two decided the wood needed a little stain.

After the work was done, Carter beamed with, "See guys, it's as good as new!"

Luckily, the next day we found a kite, and it's been a big hit!


  1. Ahh! I'm so impressed! I've seen these bookshelves in Pinterest!

  2. It looks like they got more stain on the wood than on themselves! That's always a successful day of help from kiddos in my book!

    1. Haha! I wasn't even thinking of that when they started. Luckily they were semi-old shirts they were in. Isn't it funny how much they love to help and feel needed. I should put that to use more often!

  3. Love all the pics, I bet your little guys LOVED painting. My oldest enjoys those capsule sponge things too. It doesn't take much:)

  4. Awe, I love hearing about he funny phrases kids say! Also, we've done those grow sponge-y things before and my kids were definitely unimpressed, too;)