Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Five Favorites: Maternity Staples

I'm linking up with Hallie today for a round of Five Favorites.  These are my maternity staples.  Most of them are pricey, but that's why I'm calling them staples.  There are few pieces that take the wear that I have put into them through four pregnancies, but these do (and probably will last for a few more)!

Maternity Staples

1 // Blanqi Belly Support Tank in the longer length.  I have worn this almost every day since I started to develop somewhat of a bump.  Honestly, at first I thought it was a bit too tight.  However, I got used to it, and I love it for it's smoothing, support, and length.  I have it in black and white.

2 // Mama J Skinny Jeans in sateen.  I have these in black and a pair that is actually jean material in indigo.  I have had the jean pair through all four pregnancies.  I just got the black pair this year.  They are hands down my favorite maternity jean.  They hold their shape, stay in place and hit under the belly (a must for me)!  The sateen ones are almost more comfortable than leggings!

3 // Isabella Oliver layering tank.  I love things long.  I don't actually have this top.  I ordered it in white, and it was a bit too sheer for me.  However, I loved the feel and length of it, so we'll see if I end up getting it in a different color.  I do have one very similar from Target (here) and it has worked great to throw on under a cardigan or blazer.

4 // Noppies Leggings.  These leggings I've worn through two winter pregnancies, and they are just starting to get thin.  They are very comfortable and don't cut you off at all.  Plus, you can wear them over or under the belly.  They are slim fit, so they are tight everywhere, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable.

5 // Isabella Oliver Lizzie Maternity Dress.  I just got this dress this pregnancy and wish I would have had it the previous pregnancies.  It's ponte and is as comfortable as they come (without clinging to anything)!  It's so versatile and can be dressed up or down.  It's quickly becoming my go-to as the weather warms up!

I'd love to hear what your maternity staples are!  Until then, head over to Moxie Wife for a ton more favorites!


  1. Seriously, thanks so much for introducing me to those jeans. They really are the best. I never got used to the just never felt comfortable to me and I didn't really think it gave me much support, but since everyone else loves it I should probably try it again. I'm in love with Isabella Oliver since I bought my t shirt dress, just which it weren't so pricey. Did you end up trying that striped tunic? So cute.

  2. I'm one month postpartum and I still wear my Blanqi! It's really great for nursing.

  3. Love these staples!! Nailed it! Kinda obsessed with those layering tanks!!