Thursday, January 31, 2013

QOTW: 1/31/13

Here are a few Carterisms:
"Yestertime...(rather than last time, or yesterday)."
"I sure can!" (in response to things we ask him to do)
"Oh, awwwright." (again in response to asking him to do something)
"Dis is heaven." (when he likes something he is eating)

When we were saying prayers one night, "Mommy, I sure am glad you let John Paul out of your tummy."

When we were passing a Semi-truck on the road, "MAN!  I weally wish we had a truck."

We are trying to teach Carter to look people in the eyes when they talk to him.  So, I was holding his little face in my hand trying to get a point across (after he had been a little disrespectful).  As I was talking, his eyes got big and semi-horrified and he said, "MOM! you dot someting on yo face!  What dat on yo face????"  It is a mole by my eye.  Yep, kinda scary.

And a few recent pics.  The boys have new haircuts...

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  1. So cute! He's quite quote-worthy, that Carter!