Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Day

We spent this Christmas as a family of five.  And, while it was quiet at times and we missed family, it was also nice to simply be with each other and create traditions within our small family.
One of Carter's favorite activities this Advent was opening a "magnic (magnet)" each day and putting it on the nativity scene.  Here is a snapshot of the final scene on Christmas Eve.  Some day we hope to incorporate different activities/acts of kindness with each day as well.  For now, the joy in placing a new magnet every morning was enough for our sweet little guy.
Here is a look at our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, bearing only lights and an angel (thanks to a few disasters with the ornaments in previous weeks). 

The kids' stockings and Santa gifts.  Yes, we did decide to celebrate Santa (as Christ's helper in the person of Saint Nicholas).

A "What's Inside" box for John Paul (that will be used a few months from now)...

A trampoline and a fire truck for Carter and Peter...and books galore!

While I got a video of their initial reactions, I didn't get any early snapshots, oops.

Carter was happy playing with the fire truck all morning while Peter was jumping away!

Then we adopted a Christmas tradition from a few of my college friends - making a birthday cake for Jesus!  The flavor of the year was Rum Cake, and boy was some little man excited.  Carter, once again, helped me throughout the baking process.  His one request was that we put a star on it in the end.


Then Carter found Baby Jesus (who we had been joyfully anticipating all Advent) and put him in the manger...

Then we had a fun meal, and Carter got to drink out of a Christmas cup.  He was so excited, saying, "Yay!  A Christmas lunch for Jesus!"
After naps, relaxing and trying to soak everything in, we ended the day with a slice of birthday cake...

When eating the cake, Carter said, "Mom, this is the best cake EVER! Do not trow it away. Save da rest for tomorrow. It is Jesus' birtday cake! Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tum, tum, tummy!" He really knows how to make me smile.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!