Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Preparations Continued...

I am just catching up...sorry!
Carter and I made some "Crimas" cookies...
and he loved them!

We all gathered for a picture of the Carter grandkids: Peter (14 months), Stephen Ross (2 months), John Paul (6 days), and Carter (2.5 years).

Peter was trying to help...

We thought it would be fun to make a biscotti or two for Elley and Mimi...Carter put everything in the bowl.  What a great helper!

Yet, he didn't really like these...
Here's a picture edition of "Christmas Prep Gone Wrong."  Needless to say, the Laughing Cow reindeer were not well received...

Along those lines, Carter hated the hot chocolate I tried to serve him while watching the Polar Express, letting me know by spitting it all over the floor.  Live and learn.
Peter doing what he does best...pointing and grunting.

Finally, a re-make of the same Christmas cookies...this time for Santa (take a look at those pj pants)!

Carter even poured the milk...
And he wanted to "have just a YITTLE bit of Santa's milk (and cookies)."

What a wonderful Christmas season we had!

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  1. They are SO cute, Britt! I think that Peter's face with the reindeer is probably my favorite! Hilarious!