Friday, May 25, 2012

QOTW: 5/25/12...

"Good idea, Peder!"

Peter and Carter took a bath together the other night.  When I put Peter in the tub he immediately t-ted.  Carter saw it and said the above.  Boys :)

"Aww, dat's much better!"
Carter has been trying to help a lot lately by putting on his own shoes.  50% of the time, the shoes end up on the wrong feet, so I have to fix them.  Afterwards, he is so relieved!

"Dat's nice.  Dat's reaaalll nice!"
Carter has a pair of hand-me-down crocs.  They are too little/tight and his little feet bulge out the sides.  He doesn't care and loves them...even wants to wear them to sleep.  So, when he had me put them on this morning, this was his response.

"Mommy will have a baby puppy."
A baby human might be a rude awakening.  Ha ha.

This has, by far, been Carter's favorite phrase lately.  It's been in response to the following:
"We don't have any more cucumbers..."
"Cocoa isn't here to kill this snake..."
"We have to leave PaPa and Elley's house..."
"We can't go to Amarillo today..."
"We have to go inside..."
The list goes on an on!

The boys are enjoying each other, and Carter even lets Peter ride his Dino with him.  Have a blessed weekend!

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