Thursday, May 3, 2012

Natural Family Planning: Why We Practice It...

Not many people ask us why we practice NFP.  It's not something we shout on the streets or something that others can 'just tell' by looking at us.  Rarely is it a topic of discussion many like to entertain either. 

So let me answer that question for you here.

First, do we practice this because our faith demands it?  Yes and no.  As with so many, the commitment to live according to God's will in all areas of life is a struggle for us at times, bringing crosses that we neither expect nor ask for.  However, along with those crosses come amazing grace and mercy.  God calls us to step up to the plate in so many areas, never claiming that His road will be easy but promising He will give us strength.  Because we are Catholic, there is no doubt in what the Church teaches about life issues.  The Church is 100% PRO-life, not just anti-abortion but anti-contraception, too.  These teachings come down to us from Christ, for over 2000 years, and having them right in front of us, who am I to say I choose another route?  I firmly believe the more we know, the more we are held accountable for.  So, Natural Family Planning is, and always will be, the only way for us.

Beyond, and in a way because of, our faith, Jeremy and I have developed a deep respect for God's will and design.  With each new life He entrusts to us, we realize how miraculous these gifts truly are and, in turn, how we are simply vehicles for His creation.  We never want to close that door.

Some questions I have received (as have many others on this journey)...

Are you going to have a zoo of children?  A zoo, no.  Will we be open to the blessing of another child always, yes.  Whether that means two or ten, God will only give us what we can handle.

Do you know what causes that (in reference to being pregnant, again, soon - Carter and Peter are 16 months apart)?  I do.  And it is more important to me that my husband and I value every part of the other, including our fertility.  Thus, I may be pregnant more often and sooner than you think is "right."

How will you afford a large family?  We do not make a salary that is large, according to typical American standards.  Will our children have everything they want?  No, but want is a relative term.  Will we take nice, annual vacations?  Maybe not. 
Our life will be simpler, but hopefully more enriched.  Will there always be food on the table?  Yes.  Will we have shelter, God and each other?  Yes.  Will we have everything we need?  Yes.  If people in other countries, with tiny homes, lack of top-notch medical care, barely-get-by salaries and large families can thrive, by gosh, we can too!

Do you have to have 12 kids to comply with the Church?  No.  There are grave reasons to prevent having another child while using Natural Family Planning that the Church allows for...yet with Natural Family Planning, you never actually close off the possibility of life with each act of marital love.

Will you always be pregnant?  No.  However, personally, we would like to have our children close together. My brother and I are 17 months apart.  My sister and I are 14.  I would love to have it the same way.  We also married a bit later in life.  If we want a large family, closeness in age is the way to go!

We practice Natural Family Planning because we love and respect every part of each other.  We practice Natural Family Planning because we want to follow His way. We practice Natural Family Planning because each new child we're blessed with blesses us more. We practice Natural Family Planning because we love life.  We practice Natural Family Planning because our life is not our own. 

 It is His. 

And His will be done.


  1. This is great, Britt. I love that you closed it with His will be done...that really is the point, isn't it? I also love your point about how you are doing what is right regardless of whether people think you are pregnant too often. You are amazing!


  2. Beautifully Written! I love this post!!!!! I love the part you wrote about practicing NFP because we love life and it is not our OWN!

  3. Thanks girls! Your comments are so sweet.

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