Monday, May 21, 2012

14 months...

My sister is my best friend.  Not the best friend that your mother or husband is, but the other kind :)  She is one with whom I can share anything with, any time of day or night and I can count of one of two things: 1) an honest, loving, setting straight, or 2) shared joy, laughter or tears.  Either way, she is love.  
Rozann and I are only 14 months apart, something that when others find out (along with the fact that I'm only 17 months behind our older brother), they exclaim, "Bless your mother's heart!"   True. I am sure there were days when she wanted to scream, others when we drove her to the edge, and moments when she cried out of sheer exhaustion. But she not only got through the harder times, she (and Dad) made it one of the very things I am most thankful for today. I truly believe our closeness in age made us close in heart. Granted, I know that's not true for everyone, but I believe it is for most. Because of my parents planning and God's timing, Chase, Rozann and I have so much to be thankful for.  Namely, each other.
Whether it was a built-in body guard all these years (thanks Chase) or a constant knowing that you were never alone, we had the best of times.  Even with a knocked out tooth from a punch thrown by the little sis, times when we thought we hated each other and rounds of spankings, blood was always thicker than water as they say.
That is my prayer for our little ones...that they will forever be each others' best friends.

We are separated by 14 months...

Chase and I by 17...

These guys by 16...

And these, God-willing, by 14.


  1. Congrats, Britt! Praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy with tons of energy! :)


    1. You are my best friend, too. Best ever. I adore you.
    2. I wouldn't have had it ANY other way (thanks, Mom and Dad).
    3. Your sweet babies are beyond blessed to have a mom like you.
    4. Woooo hooo!! Thank you, Santy Claus:) Keep 'em coming!

    Many prayers for all of you.

    Love, Rozann

  3. This post is so sweet!! :) I love seeing the love between you and your sister...and it makes me a little sad I never had a sister. Congrats on your newest little blessing. So exciting!!

    -Mandy (Prude) Mereness

  4. What a beautiful family - the one in which you grew up - and the one God is giving you. Congrats! So happy for you guys!

  5. SO exciting Britt!! We are so happy for you guys. Much love!

  6. Love it. Love love love. Could not be more excited!! YAY!