Tuesday, July 10, 2018

All Hands on Deck

When we get to brand our new calves in the Spring, everyone wants to help!  I mean, Jeremy and my parents by this point have branded hundreds, but for the few we keep near our house, the kiddos count down the days.

Everyone has a job.  But, I would be lying if I said they didn't also look forward to sitting on the tailgate and eating as many mini Snickers bars as they can, washed down by their Gatorade.  Branding is hard work, you know!

This year, they even rode a bit more.  This is my mom's orphan horse she raised from birth, so you can imagine how close she is to him.  Well, John Paul was pretty upset afterwards when she wouldn't trade him for a piece of candy.  The nerve!
This one is always observing.

So it begins.

 One helped hold.  Another helped brand.  And, another sprayed the Iodine.

My mom has always been the brander, and there isn't anyone better!

Who would have ever thought that when we moved here, this guy had never ridden a horse?!

No drama here.
This one is afraid of every dog she sees...but a giant horse, no big deal.

It's a season of a lot of work for weeks.  I know it's much harder on the ones doing it all than it is on me, but for the few hours we all get to help brand our own, it's magical.

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