Friday, August 28, 2015

33/52: Cousin Kolbe

I can't keep up.  I know it's not really week 33.  And, I'm about to miss week 34, too.  However, life has been happening.  And, it's taken me on a crazy ride.

We took the best family vacation to California last week, celebrating my parents' birthdays - more on that soon.

From that trip, I gathered these cousin-Kolbe-themed photos of the kids.  Although JP was always with him, kissing his little feet, I missed those moments.

Here there are...

Carter // 5 - the oldest boys in each family.

Peter // 3 - He was so excited to get to hold him.

John Paul // 2 - Ummm, he might have liked Kolbe's hat the best.  This is how he would emerge from his room most mornings.
Sophie // 1 - Sophie...she was always just so surprised to see him!

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  1. These are precious! Sophie's face is my favorite for sure!