Friday, May 8, 2015

18/52: Branding

We branded our cattle yesterday (more on that to come).  Here are scenes from the morning:

Carter // 4 - watching the crew brand his baby calf
 Peter // 3 - his shirt had gotten wet so he turned it inside out
 John Paul // 2 - he wasn't so sure about the momma cows being so loud
 Sophie // 10 months - she looks so much like a little boy here, but she was just content as can be


  1. Love the portable camp chair high chair. I have never seen anything like that. If we are blessed with another little one I will have to remember this. Love your blog.

  2. Love the tales and pics of farm life that you post. My kids have been to a farm exactly twice, and it was just to pick strawberries at the local agri-tourismy farm. I would feel so sorry for those poor baby cows getting branded!