Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sophie Joins the Church

Every baptized person should consider that it is in the womb of the Church where he is transformed from a child of Adam to a child of God. - St. Vincent Ferrer

A week ago our precious baby girl entered the Church.  Baptism has taken on an even greater meaning since becoming a mom.  It is our duty to bring these little ones to the Church and to be an example of faith in their daily lives.  Who will they learn about their Father from if not us?  Who will teach them to walk in His ways if not us?  Who will push them toward Heaven if not us?

So, last Wednesday, we made the first step.  We gave our precious Sophie back to God.  Right now, we are choosing this life of faith for her.  By His mercy, she will learn from us the way to go.  We will fail.  Daily, I'm sure.  But He will continue to forgive and strengthen us in order that we may protect His little ones, raising them to be a light in an often dark world and arming us with whatever is necessary to get them back safely to Him.

Some day, she will make the decision for herself.  For now, we must guide her.

Getting ready with Pops...

Beginning the ceremony.  We asked our former priest to serve as her Godfather.  He is an incredible example of faith and never cowers from the truth.  She will have such an incredible example in him.  We were also very blessed to have our new priest presiding.  His heart for the little ones in unlike any I've seen before.  She will be surrounded but such a great "cloud of witnesses."

Look at her proud big brother, Peter.

Blessing with the oil...

Baptising her in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit...

Annointing her head with the chrism...

Nothing smells quite like it.

Lighting her candle.

And presenting her to Christ.

Welcome to the Church, baby girl.

Peter wanting to be just like her and Carter in the background raising his arms, yelling, "Way to go, Sophie!!"

A little treat to celebrate...

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful Sophie Therese.  

Pray for us, Saint Therese!


  1. What a beautiful baby! I love the picture of Peter smiling from the pew.

  2. So beautiful! God bless little Sophie!

  3. This just makes me so happy. It looks like it was a perfect, beautiful day. I love the photo of the whole family with both priests. Beautiful. And you, friend, look stunning!

  4. The picture of you sniffing her little head!! So precious! God bless!

  5. Welcome to the Church, Sophie! You did not just have a baby, I don't believe it.

  6. These are all beautiful pictures of a beautiful and very special day!!! Happy Baptismal Day, Sophie!
    Can't wait to meet you all very very soon!!!!!!!! =)

  7. Happy Day! I loved the picture of Sophie and her godfather looking at one another. How lovely!

    And the whole Church rejoices!

  8. Awe! Congratulations on the baptism of your precious baby girl! Welcome to the family, Sophie! The two pictures I absolutely love are the ones of your beloved looking up at your priest friend, (the thought that came to mind was how this connection makes priests so REAL, that they are humans and not someone put up on a pedestal, unreachable), and the one of Sophie looking up into her godfather's smiling eyes. Precious.

  9. So much goodness, Britt! Such a beautiful day for sweet Sophie and Our Church! Love the picture of Sophie looking up to her Godfather. Perfect.

  10. So beautiful!! What an amazing day! You guys are such a beautiful family!